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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do I know you . . . ummm you’re face looks so familiar . . .

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I know! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Please don’t abandon me, I’m stuck in a rut here, you can understand. There are days when there’s just nothing to write home about! I got a haircut but it’s nothing to stop the presses for.ย  I just finished working 24 straight days – yes straight through in support of a conference. Never again.

Let’s see, we attended a wedding but I couldn’t get any good pictures. I did take a picture of the wedding cake only to find out that it’s not a real cake. It was just a prop! Dessert was a nice array of little bites but what is a wedding without wedding cake? The couple don’t get to take the top layer home to save and eat stale cake on their 1st wedding anniversary? The buffet was amazing, it was a “buffet without borders” – you know, like doctors without borders. Ok so the analogy probably didn’t work so well but you get the idea – food from all parts of the world. My plate was piled in layers and I went back for seconds.

fake cake dinner plate without borders

Here’s the latest piece of furniture to our collection. Yes, I know I told you I was done the last time I posted furniture but I couldn’t resist, not to mention it was priced special for my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the last piece, really. Really.

newest piece

Here is a collection of locks that I found here: On the left top corner is combination lock, very tricky to open. I got it for Mick, I thought he would enjoy figuring out the characters and seeing if it had any significant meaning. I think that was a no, just a string of characters. The other piece is in the shape of a Chinese instrument. The “keys” are at the bottom. On the right is a bat with two peaches. The character for long life is etched on the bat’s back. Bats are considered good luck and are often used as decorative touches on furniture, jewelry, art, etc.

instrument shaped lock bat w/fruit lock

I liked the dragon, and more keys. The one on the right is another combination but with square blocks. I probably can never remove the combination cheat-sheet on the bar, I’d never remember those characters!

dragon lock square combination lock

Remember the antique basket/chest with the original hardware? I found a lock for it in the shape of a swan.

swan lock

We’re heading back to Bangkok in a week. I’ll post some pictures when we get back. I promise, no pictures of temples ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a working trip for Mick and I get to tag along. It’s most likely our last trip to Thailand. I’m looking forward to seeing our friends who live there, and we’re all going to celebrate Mick’s big “0” birthday.

After we get home from the trip we will be going full on to get ready for pack out! This is really it, the packers are coming on Sept 9 – 11. Wheels up is still slated for Sept 25.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. Eating fresh summer tomatoes, corn on the cob, cooking everything on the grill; and family time at the beach with sand between your toes ๐Ÿ™‚


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lazy, hot Saturday

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It’s Saturday, sunny, hot and lazy.ย  I went out earlier and ran some errands in the heat, and now I’m just lazy. I’ve been debating whether or not to go back out and head over to the Thai Embassy’s Expo. I stopped by after work on Friday and it was wicked hot under those tents so I didn’t stay long.

Just thinking about going back there made me thirsty so I went foraging in the fridge and came up with this . . .ย  a root beer float made with Mick’s home-made vanilla ice cream.

root beer float

How about the logo on the glass ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s one of my favorite places to eat in Bangkok. Our friends in Bangkok sent us a pair of these huge 500ml capacity glasses. If you can’t quench your thirst after drinking anything in one ofย  these, you must have the capacity of a camel! I still can’t decide whether or not to go back out into the heat . . .

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Candid Camera

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Just stopping by to say “hello!”, and send you a “sidewalk smiley”. Nothing much has been going on here; and I’m having blogger’s block!

sidewalk smile

Hope Spring has sprung where you are, and you’re on your way to sunny, warm days.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

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We want to take this little space to wish all of our families and friends a bright and prosperous new year. May 2009 bring you good fortune and happiness!

Thanks for following our adventures of the past year. I hope you’ll come along with us on the blog as we venture into 2009.ย 

Love from,

Shirley and Mick

(Sorry, no picture of fireworks, can’t stay up that late anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rent This Space!

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Sorry, I haven’t had a new post in a while. Wow, nothing in November so far! It’s sort of been a “Same poo-poo, different day” phase. I started a part time position at the Embassy and even that hasn’t been exciting enough to report. But things will be coming up later this month so check back!

See you soon . . .

Monday, September 1, 2008


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Sorry I’ve been stuck on the last posting for such a while. Things were a bit slow around here, but I’ve got a new post in the works so come back and visit in a day or so. Also we have a trip coming up in about a week and half! See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday, January 21, 2008

Knit one, Purl two

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During Erin’s visit, it seemed every time she sat down she would pick up her knitting; she was working on a skirt. I have to admit watching her made me nostalgic for the feel of needles (with no sharp points), and luscious wooly yarn in my hands. And it wouldn’t take over the chair like the quilt does. This is the time of year when I welcome working with those wonderful wools. I decided to leave my quilt, let all the little punctures in my fingers heal, and knit.

quilt on chair.JPG

I sent my knitting needles and yarns in the household shipment knowing I would miss knitting if I put it all in storage. I had some very pretty, colorful yarn that didn’t work up well as a garment. I even tried pairing it with some contrasting solid yarn colors. It was actually pretty hideous; think of a macaw caught in a blender! So I took apart the sweater, rewound the yarn, and it sat for over a year now waiting to be something. I got to thinking that it would work well felted. I have a felting pattern called “A Rather Huge Carpet Bag”! I had plenty of this yarn; even if the yarn weight and needles didn’t match the pattern, who would know. I just needed the pattern for guidance. So I sat down and started it. Within a week I got it completed.

Here is the “Before”, and “After” shot of the felted bag. Sorry for the reflection on the after bag. Can’t even tell it was the same bag. It’s always a surprise to see the finished product. The mustard colored piece is the rectangular bottom, the remainder of the bag is done in the round. It’s approx 20w x 6d x 19h.

bag knitted.JPG bag felted.JPG

I need to find something to firm the bottom of the bag, it gets a little sag-gy when you put things into it. To keep the sides cinched, I may thread the sides with a ribbon and tie it off with a bow. I call it “desert sunset”. I may use this as an overnight bag for our trip to Kuala Lumpur.

So get out your needles and yarn and create some fun needlework art!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Diary . . .

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Ho-hum, I guess this is what they call the post-holiday blues. The decorations are all taken down and stored away. Trees are lying at the curb, denuded of its finery, waiting for the recycling truck to come and reincarnate it into mulch. The world looking a little less festive. Even the leftovers are finished, and the fridge is a little emptier; albeit our waistline a little fuller.

xmas ornament

I think this is when calendars were invented. All the boxes on the old calendar have been filled with appointments, Xs, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, memories. And now we have a new, fresh, empty one to fill in all over again, new appointments, holidays, birthdays (another one!), anniversaries, milestones ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your boxes in 2008 are filled with the makings of wonderful memories.

With new beginnings come — new year resolutions! I know you made a few, probably between 5 and 10; and you’ve also vowed to keep them this year. You know, The Top Ten List. I know the first two on your list too . . . 1) Eat healthier, and consequently cut down on junk food, 2) Get more exercise, 3) Lose those holiday pounds. Am I right? I’m right, even if that’s not the order. (I’m getting on the rower after I finish posting this, really, it’s one of my resolutions, row more! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Mick left this morning for a week-long business trip to Hawaii. (Talk about post-holiday blues, I’m here writing a “Dear Diary” post; and you’re probably there reading this with temps hovering at the freezing mark.) I know, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

flipflops surfer

On Mick’s return, he’s coming home with our friend, Lea, a former Jersey Girl. (Former, not ex, like former Marine, never ex-Marine. You can’t take Jersey out of the Girl!) It will be fun to show her, and see Singapore through the eyes of a real “tourist”. We’ll hone our “guide tour” skills on her. By the time you get here, you’ll think we were locals.

During Lea’s visit we will take a mini-vacation. We just love those vacations within a vacation. We’re going to drive up to Kuala Lumpur for an overnight trip. It’s a straight shot, three hour drive. Stay tuned; I’ll get back to you on that adventure.

What is coming up next here? Chinese Lunar New Year. I wonder if I can just apply my new year’s resolutions to the Chinese New Year? Or maybe split my list; hmmmm, this may give me a better chance in keeping some of them.


2008 is the Year of The Rat. Watch this space for the festivities coming up in February!

Monday, December 10, 2007


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Hi! This is a mishmash post.

First, to “tie a knot in the textile thread”, here is a picture of the top of my sampler quilt. It’s almost completed, just need to mitre the corners. I’ll get those instructions this week, though I think it’s not that difficult.

quilt top

It’s hard to see the pattern on the red fabric, it has a tiny linear dot/dash design in off- white. The solid blue portions are a deep indigo, and actually all of the prints that have the blue background is printed on the solid indigo fabric so everything matches perfectly. The off-white fabric is not solid but has faintly printed Chinese characters, probably a poem judging from how it’s presented. Now to learn to hand quilt!

Mick has a business lunch and golf game this week so he wanted to go to the driving range to work the kinks out. I went along to hit also, I have more kinks to work out than he does. We each grabbed a couple of clubs, gloves, and a cab. The cab driver didn’t know where we wanted to go and we weren’t sure where this place was so it made for a testy and expensive cab ride, plus a bit of a walk from where we were let off. We took out the frustration on the mat!

After smacking the golf balls for a while in the muggy weather I was soaked from sweating and decided we needed a beer. We walked up to where we were originally dropped off, Dempsey, which is a new upcoming area of shops and restaurants. We saw a couple of familiar faces…

Ben & Jerry!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ This van was parked essentially on the ‘sidewalk’!

ben and jerry vwbus

We poked around and settled on Dome restaurant/bar, it also started to rain so this was a nice place to sit it out. We sat outside under the covered porch, watched the rain while sipping our beer and eating extra crispy fries. These required ordering speaking veerrryyy sloooowly since “extra crispy” didn’t sound like English to our waiter. It seems often our pasttime is sitting out the rain drinking beer. This is the monsoon season so lots of rain and beer.

fries and corona

There are a couple of antique shops in Dempsey and when we were walking out to go home I passed this shop that had a display of statues. I’ve always liked those terracotta figures from China. I saw this little guy and he was just the perfect size. Mick thought it would be nice to stick him in the front of our townhouse in Columbia in among the bushes but not hidden. I’m sure to receive a “nice” letter from our condo association!!!! He is a general, (should he be capitalized, General?) and right now the General is standing sentry outside our front door. He’s only two feet high so he can only attack your shins if you try to break in; but that karate chop is going to hurt ๐Ÿ™‚


We walked over to the bus stop in hopes of hailing a cab but it was that twilight time of “shift change” so many of the cabs weren’t picking up passengers and it was raining again, which means there are no available cabs. We just jumped on the bus that came along. I’ve never ridden on the bus holding golf clubs. We probably made quite a pair, swamp rats wielding dangerous weapons. I can’t wait to get our car.


I looked too bad to be posted here, believe me. Thank goodness for digital cameras! The only seats were right in the front of the bus in view of everyone. The passengers were already leery and then I started to take pictures of us. I’m sure there were some good dinner stories at their tables. Crazy old Chinese lady with a foreigner; and what was all wrapped up in that big red shopping bag?

Mick had visitors in last week; one of the guys, Randy, is staying for part of this week. We took Randy out on Sunday to show him around. He did a bit of sight-seeing on his own on Sat, but hadn’t ventured into Little India and Chinatown. We did lunch and toured Little India, then over to Boat Quay, and from there to Chinatown, a little shopping and dinner at the pulled noodle restaurant.

tea cozy

I found this tea cozy in Little India.

the end! ๐Ÿ™‚ wait till you see the ‘snow’ coming up in the next episode… got your attention I bet.

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